September 26, 2006

Any Name You Want, As Long As It's Brianna


You Jasons out there won't understand--heck, we Gregs don't grasp the concept, either--but there is a school of baby naming thought that says the totality of your child's identity, self-esteem, confidence, positive outlook on the world--basically, her entire future--depends on whether she finds a little plastic license plate with her name on it during that gift shop pit stop on the fateful, first family drive to Disney World.

So if you named your kid some variant of Briana or Britney, you may want to stop by the, uh, "Finding Deepo" exhibit at Georgia Aquarium on your way down to Orlando, just to be safe. [via goldenfiddle]


I think that's why we picked the names we did for our 3 girls- there's zero chance they will find a license plate with their name on it-- or another three kids in the first grade with the same name.

"No, no, Teacher, my name's spelled "Bry'Anna", not Brianna, Breeana, Briehana........."

Yes, sadly, both of my children will never, ever be able to find one of those licence plates. The Hubby and I never felt the disappointment of not being able to find our licence plates but it didn't seem to psychologically scar my little brother too much.
Monster might actually get something personalized in this lifetime, now that his name has entered the top 50. Squeak never will. Her name has never even made it into the top 1000

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