September 26, 2006

VW's Cross Golf Will Not Cross Atlantic

Does it dull the pain to see that Ford's not alone in depriving the US market of its more interesting and promising-looking family-savvy cars? Does it help knowing that the Mercedes B-Class made it as far as Windsor, but not...
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Damn! That Is One Tasty Baby Toupee

Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, provides a sweet lid to the weak through the valley of hairlessness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the savior of bald children. And I...
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News From The Stroller Wars: Skirmish Breaks Out At Apartment Therapy

There's a survey--just a simple question, what could be the harm in that?--at Apartment Therapy about which stroller Maxwell--the Apartment Therapist himself--and his due-soon wife should get for their NYC apartment lifestyle. For the "first ride" category where, clearly, a...
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Any Name You Want, As Long As It's Brianna

You Jasons out there won't understand--heck, we Gregs don't grasp the concept, either--but there is a school of baby naming thought that says the totality of your child's identity, self-esteem, confidence, positive outlook on the world--basically, her entire future--depends...
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This Week In Killer Teddy Bear News

Remember, kids, "RELEASE OF ANY TEDDY BEARS into fish hatchery water IS NOT PERMITTED." [emphasis in the original] Teddy Bear Massacres Fish [boingboing]...
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My Little Car Seat Pony: Casey And His Friends

I naively went to ABC Kids Expo execting to stumble across row after row of baby gear innovations. But when I got there, all anyone could talk about was The Zaky. These plush toys that attach to your kid's...
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NY Mag Gets The Nanny-Spying Money Quote

Congratulations [sic] to the nanny narc-ing blog for helping turn New York Magazine onto the whole Babysitter Surveillance Industrial Complex this week. And they get Rhyder McClure [real name], the founder of the New York Nanny Cam Company [installation: $1200],...
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P&T Update: Survival Of The Hippest?

Uh, yeah, so I thought I'd dig around a bit to see what the "Phil & Teds: Survival of the Hippest" things were I saw in Las Vegas and, well--it's currently on the splash page of the P&T site....
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Only Gay Dads In The Village Post Family Picture Online

I felt bad that I wasn't coming across many things to post for the 'gay dads' category lately, but now I realize it was because I wasn't surfing Gaydar, the British gay personals site. The Daily Mail was, though,...
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Nice Felterhosen: Mod Baby Swing From Austria

I'm trying to remember which magazine I saw these heavy felt baby swings from Austrian design firm Mohr Polster in; It was either in the launch issue of Cookie or that issue of Dwell where the entire editorial staff...
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