September 25, 2006

Daddy, Where Do Diaper Genie II's Come From?


Another interesting industry tidbit that came to my attention from K+J:

Congratulations go to Funny Handel, GmbH, the German distributor of the Angelcare Captiva diaper disposal system, which was named a finalist in the 2006 Innovation Awards, World of Baby Care category. [Angelcare is a Canadian company based in Montreal, by the way.]

Unlike previous, inferior products, the Captiva doesn't twist each dirty diaper into its own airtight sausage; it seals the whole bag in an efficient, space-saving way.

Which may be why it appealed so much to the Playtex folks, who licensed the Captiva replace their Diaper Genie which, um, twisted each dirty diaper into an airtight sausage.

Angelcare Captiva []
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Buy the Quebec-designed Diaper Genie II at Target [target]


when i heard about the diaper genie II, i ran (not walked) to target to get one. anything had to be better than the horror i'd been using called the "diaper dekor." i'm convinced that the "powder fresh" scented refills actually exacerbate the stink. i went so far as to put #2 diapers in individual little baggies before putting them in the diaper "stinkor." to no avail. i moved the bucket outside of the bedroom and the whole house started to stink. the company suggested that i wash the thing down with a bleach solution: check. when that didn't work they suggested i empty it every day. uhm... then why do i have a diaper pail???

anyway... i LOVE my diaper genie II. good work canada!

p.s. there will be a "free, gently used diaper dekor +" available on s.f. craigslist before the week is out.

helzenkorf -- that's weird. We have a Diaper Dekor, and, with its double-seal design, it does a pretty decent job of containing smell. And I've heard good things from other folks online too. In fact, as people pointed out in the earlier Playtex post, the Diaper Dekor uses almost exactly the same design as this "innovation". Maybe you got a broken one or something?

actually, they sent me a new flap too--which i neglected to mention! no, actually the diaper genie 2 is much more like fort knox. you might catch a brief whiff of what's brewing inside, but the snap back and hold is much much more robust. you'd never know there was a dirty diaper in the room!

i prolly have the king of poop over here, so gentle products don't seem to work for us. clearly, the diaper stinkor works for some folks or they wouldn't still be in business, but now that the diaper genie 2 is even easier to use (loading the dekor's refills are a pain.) i think they'll get a run for the money.

one more thing! with the diaper dekor the diaper touches the plastic flap and then the inside of the flap is exposed to the interior. with the (superior) "DG2" the diaper only touches the blue pastic bag, which gets thrown out, so i gander the unit will stay cleaner for longer.

okay, i swear i'm done!

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