September 25, 2006

Daddy, Where Do Diaper Genie II's Come From?

Another interesting industry tidbit that came to my attention from K+J: Congratulations go to Funny Handel, GmbH, the German distributor of the Angelcare Captiva diaper disposal system, which was named a finalist in the 2006 Innovation Awards, World of...
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Wingbo & Babybo: Like-a-Skateboards For Babies

he's saying "simply ingenious," btw I feel your pain--really, I do--but I've usually got next-to-nothing to tell you about where to find non-heinous-looking swings and exersaucer-like playgear. No matter how much bacon they ply me with, I have to say...
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The Bloom Bloom Room: More Stroller-vation From The Far East

Here's a find from the Kind+Jugend expo: Did someone mention high-design high chairs? A new company called Bloom introduced some rather sleek-looking designs at K+J last week, including the Fresco--a European take on hot-in-Asia baby chairs from the likes...
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Hmm. Peeling The Phil & Teds Apple

As DT reader Throkky pointed out, this new/coming soon product from Phil & Teds, the Latte Shaker, looks like it's actually not new, at all. The patented Umix Travel Bottle [above left, er, I mean, right] has been around...
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ABC Report: Phil & Teds & Steve & Jobs

It was evident at JPMA, and again at ABC Kids: in two short years, Phil & Teds is really &ing up their brand presence and their offerings. I first heard of Phil & Teds when I walked into a...
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Bootleg Ballet Video

The kid's been on a ballet kick [sic] lately. However they emerge, it's interesting how gender coded interests are probably reinforced and encouraged by parents almost without thinking. Would she stay as interested in ballet if we didn't respond so...
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Art Collecting For Babies

I considered not posting about the NYT's Style section article on collecting contemporary art for kids. Not because I feel really implicated in it--though I do--but because to someone who already's hooked on collecting art, it just seems so normal....
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Mutsy: All That And A High Chair, Too

I still have posts from the ABC Kids Expo and there's already big news stacking up from Kind + Jugend in Cologne, the sehrgrossekidgearfair so big it makes Las Vegas look like Cactus Pete's. I think I'm just gonna push...
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