September 24, 2006

Bamboo Fiber Diapers, People. Can You Get Any Greener?

bamboozle_bamboo_diaper.jpgI hear from the hemp folks that cotton is an extremely resource-intensive crop to grow. Organic cotton's better, I'm sure, but I really have no idea. It's all angels on the head of a pin to me, the guy who only just switched to fluorescents this summer.

What I DO know is that by the time the kid's in college, everything will be made of bamboo. She'll be typing on a bamboo computer as she pedals her bamboo bike along a bamboo concrete sidewalk to her bamboo dorm.

There'll be so much bamboo, she'll wince with embarassment whenever her old man launches into his story about how, back in the day, when I first heard about bamboo fiber cloth diapers, I was so amazed, I had to write about it on my blog right away. In the middle of the night. On a weekend.

And those bamboo fiber diapers? They're called Bamboozles, and they're from an outfit in Glasgow called Totsbots. Besides being renewable, of course, bamboo fiber is touted as being super soft and 60% more absorbent than cotton [q: how about wool? don't they make diapers or liners out of wool, too?].

£9.00 a pop before you ship them seems a little pricey, but you can take the edge off by trying to get your VAT back. And then use those extra pounds to pay for your carbon emissions offsetting.

Bamboozles Bamboo Fiber Cloth Diapers, £9.00 []
Previously: Carbon-neutral diapers now available in cloth, too

update: See, bamboo is unstoppable. There are at least three other bamboo diaper sources mentioned in the comments, including two in the US--at least one of which, Snuggle Hugs, are hand-sewn by a mom.


also consider Wam-bamboos - same kind of deal, again UK based.

Considering all the unwanted bamboo growing in my back yard, I've always wondered if there was some sort of market for the stuff other than pandas. Perhaps I need to find a state-side bamboo fiber maker and trade my bamboo for some cloth diapers...

I can vouch for these, super soft and absorbant to boot.

The bamboo diapers are pretty sweet. I saw some, and they are very, very soft.

Wool is used more as a diaper cover than actual diaper. It is fairly absorbent, but has the unique property of keeping the outside of the cover dry while the inner diaper is soaked, while still being breathable.

These bamboo diapers are also made in the US by a company called BumGenius and are sold at stores like for $15.95. They look pretty nice as far as reusable diapers go.

There is also a review of a bamboo diaper here at has some great bamboo diapers made by wahms

I worry about the increased popularity of bamboo. It's like someone announcing, "I have a great new product made out of Kudzu!" Great, but perhaps we need some serious regulations to keep your product under control. Of course I'd still buy bamboo flooring. I'm just waiting for the eventual fallout when the californian redwood forests are taken out by careless bamboo farms, or something to that effect...

[I'll start looking for vintage ads touting fireproof diapers made from that latest, renewable resource, asbestos! -ed.]

"The Bamboozles have received the gold award from Mother and Baby in the UK and are now available in the USA and Canada from Bummis. Their website is"

You can buy wool diapers and covers. I remember them being available locally (NC, USA), handmade.

we can provide bamboo baby stuff,pls kindly check

our website.

Interesting post. I'm running a "cloth diaper extravaganza" on my blog right now which has opened my eyes to the bamboo world. It's so enticing that I'm thinking of starting my own bamboo-diaper company. Yeah, that's right.

Hey, my wife actually has a cloth diaper/eco-friendly baby business and just launched a new bamboo diaper line called "Chubby Cheeks". They are a bit different then the normal fitted diapers and covers. Thay are one-size (fits most babies from birth to PT) and they have a bamboo/hemp snap-in soaker system that you can adjust to fit your baby's wetting patterns... I shouldn't know this much about diapers...

You can find them at:

is bamboo really green? you have to still process it with oil and gas being used in those processes

I have been using the bamboo diapers from Giraffita for a long time and I absolutely love them. They are so smooth and great quality :)

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