September 24, 2006

Bamboo Fiber Diapers, People. Can You Get Any Greener?

I hear from the hemp folks that cotton is an extremely resource-intensive crop to grow. Organic cotton's better, I'm sure, but I really have no idea. It's all angels on the head of a pin to me, the guy who...
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Lacoste Messenger Bag Lacks Only A Lacoste Changing Pad

It's "raid theapt day" here at Daddy Types. This sweet-looking Lacoste canvas messenger bag would make a decent, adaptable diaper/gear bag for any one as-is. If only it came with a matching Lacoste changing pad, and maybe a waterproof-lined...
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Brio's New Target Market [Hint: Starts With Gr-, Ends With -ups]

Indulge me a bit of MBA geekdom, but ever since that high chair turned up, I was kind of intrigued why Brio, which has been known for over 100 years primarily as a wooden toy company--and especially as a...
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Studley Friend Finds Jesus In Ultrasound

If I'm non-plussed by the sighting of Jesus in a Studley, Warwickshire couple's ultrasound image, it's partly because Jesus is one of the most popular Spanish boy's names out there, so technically, ultrasounds with a Jesus in them happen...
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Who Knew? You Can Hire A Potty Training Coach

To New York Magazine's credit, they seem to recognize at least some of the insanity behind their "It'll cost you $4 million to totally outsource your kid" article last week. [I mean come on, $1.8mm is for 14 hr/day on-call...
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All Aboard! The Brio Colour Furniture's Here

A few weeks back, we got the first hints of the Swedish toymaker BRIO's foray into modern children's furniture. Their molded wood-and-foam Grow High Chair has a bit of the Eames and a bit of the Verner Panton going...
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