September 22, 2006

Q: Fixing Bugaboo Foam?

A DT reader just emailed in:

Thought i would try your opinion on options for
repairing the foam handle on our bugaboo. while shoving the stroller into the back of the car, the foam handle was torn. add to that the picky fingers of a teenage boy and the small tear has become an entire unravelling of the foam strip. anyone else have this problem? i was considering those leather steering wheel wraps so i could hook it up mutsy style, but i'm not sure if they are long enough. appreciate any thoughts.
My first question is why a teenage boy is riding in a Bugaboo, but we'll set that aside. We, too, snagged some foam on our Cameleon--down on the lower corner of the frame, not really visible, except to ants--and it does seem a little excessive to return the whole frame in order to fix a piece of foam. [Although if you're in the Bergdorf-lunching, high-touch subsegment of the Bugaboo demographic, and/or belong to Citibabes, and this is your immediate and obvious response, fine. I'm sure Bugaboo's recycling their aluminum.]

The all-white Bugaboo-by has a leather handle; maybe it's possible to have one custom cut by a shoe repair place--or by the guy who embossed your chaps?


My guess would be, since it was the handle, the teenager was pushing the stroller...

I say buy a new one. If you can't afford to trash your bugaboo for something like this and buy a new one, you shouldn't be buying one in the first place! (I kid, I kid...)

Go to a bike shop and get handle bar wrap - it comes in a variety of colors / styles and thicknesses, plus, then you'll be unique!

-cork grips made for fishing poles

-shellacked leather or cloth handlebar wrap. has nice stuff.

[ooh, cork sounds nice. makes me want to strip the rig altogether. -ed.]

Umm, duct tape would be pretty punk rock. I hear that's in these days.

While we're on the Bugaboo subject, though, has anyone else had dramatic fading on their cloth? Admittedly our Frog is two and a half and gets used every day but it is just not very black anymore. Perhaps the sun in Kansas is more bleachy than in the Netherlands?

high quality leather/cork tape for racing bicycles. get the italian stuff. this is what i used to replace the missing foam on a quinny buzz.

I used tennis racquet grip for the same problem that occured on my great!

Take it to a an auto interior shop, they can recover the handle just like your leather steering wheel ...just a thought.

tourna grip seems to be holding ours together, after ripping it on a plane. think the bug people would figure out this is a common problem, though.

Have you tried emailing bugaboo? Their customer service is pretty great (I've contacted them in the past)...I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't just mail you some replacement foam.

As for the fading seats -- our froggy is 3 years old, and still looks new. However, we have the grey covers (which no one else seems to have bought -- have yet to run into another one on the street), and we also got the special edition sheepskin (in chocolate), so the seat was protected from that as well. Have you been washing the covers in a harsh detergent? We use Sportwash to clean our covers, and it seems to work well.

We had the foam tear on our Cameleon on the bassinet handle. Bugaboo customer service initially told us that they wouldn't do anything about it and that we should just use superglue to glue the torn foam back together. But we pressed them on this (we weren't keen to use superglue on a part of the Bug that our daughter might be inclined to chew on later) and they eventually agreed to send us out a replacement handle. Of course, if the foam on the chassis tore, that wouldn't really be an option...

I use cork tape for road bicycles on both my Chariot carrier and my Bugaboo. It is available in many colours and is very comfortable on my hands.
It can be double wrapped for extra comfort.

I use cork tape for road bicycles on both my Chariot carrier and my Bugaboo. It is available in many colours and is very comfortable on my hands.
It can be double wrapped for extra comfort.

Could someone please tell me if the seating in the bugaboos have ever sagged on the bottom over time?

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