September 21, 2006

The Diaper Bag Tactical Patch: Removable For Those Days When You're Feeling... Not So Tactical


I never would have thought to solve my unmanly diaper bag problem by accessorizing with a patch. I would've bought a different diaper bag.

But I have to admit, it kinda works.

Tactical Diaper Bag Patches, S or M, $8 + $2 shipping [patricklee via dt reader art]


This is really funny. Too bad (um, or not!) our kid is just on the verge of potty-trained.

[and so a tactical patch that velcros right off would appeal to you? this is getting more brilliant by the minute. -ed.]

So much for fortune in the baby market.

I was working on a prototype 'biker-style' diaper bag - replete with colors and other 'manly' paraphenalia.

Maxpedition makes great bags, like the FatBoy Versipack shown here... I actually just bought the Jumbo Versipack to carry all of my gadgets and diaper changing acoutriments.

You guys are really missing the main point. Chicks think guys with babies are super cute no matter what. (Although vests do tend to make you look like tourists or fly fisherman.) And now that I'm a mom, guys with babies who have a fully loaded diaper bag are even cuter. "See- he remembered to bring a sippy cup and some spare diapers. He must be a good daddy and a thoughtful husband."

[yeah, but guys with laminated pink polka dot diaper bags are guys carrying a giant chick purse around. -ed.]

Hey are you ever going to make those Tactical Diaper Bag patchea patches again?


Are you still selling them?

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