September 20, 2006

"You Wanna Make $14 $1,860 The Hard Way?"

DT reader Helena asked if this craigslist posting was me. Until my new underground software arrives in the mail, I confess, it is not. But I am definitely thinking about registering the domain name, right. now.

Hidden Secrets To Earning Up To $1860 By Blooging about Babys

Blogging Super Affiliate Becomes A New Dad And Drops His Guard To Reveal The Hidden Secrets To Earning Up To $1860.11 Per Day From FREE Blogs And Even Hands You His Underground Software To Make It
As Easy As 1-2-3...GUARANTEED

Now You Can Use My Exact Blogging System To Drive Thousands Of Extra Visitors To Your Websites, Affiliate Promotions Or Adsense Pages And Explode Your Income
In Under 30 Days...Even If You've Never Made A Single Cent Online


MetroDad's already registered He hasn't committed to doing anything with it, though.

Ha! MetroDad is a genius. Make it a group blog. I'll write for it.

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