September 19, 2006

Sweet "My Sweet Dog" Pulltoy By Yoshitomo Nara


Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara is well known for his paintings of slightly malevolent-looking children. Possibly evil, usually cute, definitely expensive.

One of his other recurring themes, though, is puppies. Non-evil puppies. It's not a stretch at all, then, to see Nara has produced an actual toy. In collaboration with Vilac, the French manufacturer of Alexander Calder's recently reissued toys, Nara has introduced a really sweet-looking wooden pulltoy called "My Sweet Dog."

It's about a foot high, has a really high level of finish, and comes in a really sweet box, too. If you want one, but can't imagine spending $87.50 yourself, maybe you need to befriend more art collectors; it really is the perfect gift.

My Sweet Dog by Yoshitomo Nara is $87.50 at Unica [unicahome via dt reader andy]
MSD on Vilac's site []
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So cute! My daughter stole the souvenir doll I bought at a Nara exhibit in Hawaii when she was one. It was the first toy she claimed as her own and she has to know where it is at all times. She calls it "devil dolly" but I think it's supposed to be called Blackguard Angel. There's one on Ebay right now that I probably ought to buy just in case something happens. It kind of looks just like her, only with fangs and wings...

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