September 19, 2006

Pregnant Chicks Now Selling Cars, Beer*

Beer Ads* in Brazil, car show booth babes in Spain. Can boxing ring girls be far behind?

pregnant_beer_chick.jpg seat_family_sportscar.jpg

It's Official. Hot Pregnant Women to Replace Stupid Men In Ads [adrants via gawker, who has more images]
Seat Altea: The Family Sports Car ad [advergirl via adrants]
Seat Altea, the car, is based on a VW Golf Plus platform, and is apparently doing very well. []

* OK, apparently it makes a difference to know that this is non-alcoholic beer. But maybe they're just the barmaids? [thanks, kaz]

[update: different agencies, different subsidiaries, same concept. Apparently, there was a very similar ad to the Seat one in the UK South Africa for the VW Golf Estate. ]


Whew. According to Gawker, these ads are for non-alcoholic beer (you really should mention that, Greg) - which, I believe, still contains a little bit of alcohol, no?

Of course, the big question is: are these women really pregnant, or photoshopped?

AdRant says beer ads are photoshopped.

Man, I really gotta learn to read more carefully before spouting off...

[eh, don't worry about it. bloggers aren't journalists, after all... -ed.]

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