September 19, 2006

Papa Don't Lynch: I Wanna Keep Mein Kampf

Yeow. When they found out their 19-yo daughter's baby daddy is black, the Nicholas Kampfs tied her up and threw her into the car, so they could drive her to New York. Because I guess it's easier to get a forced abortion for a tied up teenager in New York? WTF?

Race may be a motive in abortion kidnap case [cnn via tpm]


Thank you, Greg. So far, the only other mention I've seen of this on the parenting blogosphere was at Blogging Baby

and the discussion there was all pro-life vs. pro-choice stuff--no mention of the racism motive at all. I clicked their article link and they managed to link to the only article I've read, of several I've seen today, that didn't mention the race motive (hell, the others all led with that). Hmmm... Anyway.

[given their post-or-perish model, I'm surprised they've only mentioned it once. ;) -ed.]

She also happens to be 19 - a LEGAL ADULT (not that a number makes you instantly mature but . . )
How exactly did they think they were gonna make this abortion clinic give a non-consenting adult an abortion? "Oh, trust us, she does want this abortion - pay no attention to the duct tape."

I know there had to be more to this. I too found the pro-life/pro-choice stuff, but NO ONE acts that crazy to PREVENT a baby. As it turns out, they only act that crazy A) to keep a woman from making their own decision and B) because they're racist.

People really suck sometimes.

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