September 19, 2006

Moo Flickr MiniCards: I Just Made New DT Cards With These


Oy, I wish I would have known about this before Las Vegas. When I first whipped up some business cards [and I use the term "business" lightly] before attending the JPMA Convention in the spring, I tried to make something that looked like the site logo: simple, like it had been typed with an IBM Selectric typewriter.

I'm not so thrilled with the digital font results, frankly, so I'm slowly kicking around for an actual IBM Selectric to type my card up and scan it in. [If you can hook me up with one, or if you wouldn't mind a quick <1-page typing gig, E-M-A-I-L M-E.]

But whatever. Because Moo just launched these MiniCards, which you can print using photos from flickr. They're on nice stock with a satin finish, and they're slim, calling card-sized.

I just whipped up a box of 100 using shots from the daddytypes stream, and I am stoked to see them. They might make great, low-key birth announcement or baby-bragging cards, too. Whatever's on your flickr, I have no idea, but they can now be made into awesome little cards.

Moo MiniCards, $20/100, flickr pro users get 10 free [ via waxy]

[update: holy smokes, these just arrived, and they are incredible. beautifully printed. thick cardstock. But tinier than I expected, something I didn't realize by looking at the numbers, only by holding them in my hand. each is 1/2 the height and 3/4 the length of my standard-size business card. Cut up someone's card and see!]

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Oy. Sorry I sent you an email about this last night. Clearly I am not checking by RSS feeds enough. :)

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