September 17, 2006

TMX Elmo #1 Currently $2,550 On eBay

rosie_elmo.jpgThe first TMX Elmo is being autographed and sold on eBay. It is signed accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by muppeteer Kevin Clash and Mattel CEO Neil Friedman, and it is being auctioned off in co-operation with "The View"--yes, that "The View"--to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Bidding ends on Sept. 23rd, and the thing won't be delivered for 3-4 weeks. All bidders must be pre-registered with the seller at least 24 hours before the auction ends.

Is $2,550 too high a price to pay for an Elmo? It depends on your tax bracket. Is watching "The View" too high a price to pay for seeing an Elmo? Abso-freakin-lutely.

Signed Elmo "T.M.X. " #1 Off the U.S. Production Line
[ebay via dt reader michaela]
Previously: Manipulate me, Elmo! TMX Elmo press release

[update: the charity Elmo sold for $4200.]


I'm surprised I was the one to bring it to your attention... it's ridiculous, isn't it? (I saw the link to the auction posted on a parenting forum I'm on) I guess if I had that much money to give to charity it wouldn't bug me but it still seems a little desperate to me to auction off the first doll off the production line, with the signatures and all. But I'm sure the "Elmo bloggers" will eat it up.

I think each woman on The View should match & donate whatever the winning bid is. Not that it would redeem them for the crap they spew every day but they have their fans that love 'em, right? It'd be good PR.

You know, what I want to know is why there's still barely any new content on Sesame Street. They've got all this product licensing, and I'm sure the theme park makes good money too... where does the money go? For all the hoopla surrounding Abby Cadabby, I think she's only been on three times. How much of an impact can she make on little girls' self esteem and all that stuff they went on about, if she's not an actual character with lines and a storyline to act out? Oh wait, this was supposed to be about Elmo... can't stand him. Not planning to even look at the new "extreme" toy.

So, now that we know what this Elmo does, all I can think is, "meh"

I mean, if i think about it, I guess all the things it does is pretty cool from a technology standpoint, but ... are young kids really that wowed by this stuff anymore, or do they just expect it?

[no kidding. very unimpressive. I don't think it's kid-driven at all, frankly, but parent-driven. I mean, what hands-on user of TMX was even born when TME came out? No one. -ed.]

In spain we have the TMX Ernie!

2500 for elmo! Insane.

They are still at retail at

"They are still at retail at"

Can't find that website, you sure that is typed correctly?

[uh, someone might have edited it for comic effect... -ed.]

i have three elmos and wil sell for half that

Agree with most of the comments here, even though I was posting on all the hooplah! But just wanted to note that the Muppeteer's name is actually Kevin Clash. I'll be back to check things out here!

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