September 15, 2006

[Your College] 101: My First Indoctrinating Board Book

USC 101, et al Board Books

These university-specific boardbooks would make the perfect gift for parents who don't want to put any pressure whatsoever on their new child and his future prospects. Because really, you'd love him just as much if he decided to skip college and focus on his hip hop mixtape business while working nights at Carl's Jr. Just as long as he doesn't go to UCLA.

Also makes a nice gift for Matt Leinart.

See if Brad Epstein whipped up a book for the college of your choice--D'OH! I mean, your kid's choice, $10 [amazon]
Previously: Michael Eisner buys college-themed baby DVD producer Team Baby Entertainment


I got my son one of these for Arizona State. We've all got our own things -- you're raising your daughter to not be brainwashed into pink, I'm raising my son not to be brainwashed into u of a. ;)

[see, it's all good. as long as it's not wildcat-shaped. -ed.]

The college t-shirts started arriving from family before the munchkin was even born...we thought about starting a website for fanatical alumni from big states school...whoever donates the most to our daughters college fund gets to pick the school she goes to. The only people we've seriously had to have a talk with about cutting back on the gear were my parents, both Wolverines. Those Michigan people are INSANE.

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