September 13, 2006

The Tinkle Tube: "Honestly, It's Not Mine!"

A Korean Boy Peeing In A Bottle In Front Of A Lamborghini

In other countries, when a boy suddenly needs to pee in front of a Lamborghini, parents just have to grab whatever container is at hand.

In the US, however, we're fortunate enough to have available The Tinkle Tube, from Baby Rock Apparel. It's a convenient, keepsake-quality plastic tube that turns any spot into an emergency toilet.

And even if you do manage to make it to the bathroom, the Tinkle Tube "prevents you from touching the child’s little soldier, which keeps you and the child clean."

"Little soldier?" That's right, the suggested use for the Tinkle Tube is as a penis extender. It's available in either 8-inch or 6-inch versions [which, if you actually measure them, are probably only 5 and 4 inches, respectively].

If only Tinkle Tubes could be monogrammed, so that your son can have a memento of the very first time his penis was considered too short. It's a memory that'll stay with him forever.

Tinkles Tubes are available in single, double, or triple packs, $5-12 [ via kaz at i hate snaps, who actually wants a boy so he can try these out]



Anyone else notice that all of these types of things are advertised for boys? And even if they were advertised for both sexes, exactly when does it become "not appropriate" for a child to just up and relieve themselves no matter where they are. My advice... teach your little darlings to hold it until they get to the potty or they just can't ever make it then you should retry the whole potty training experience. Kids have been having to hold it for years and it hasn't killed one yet! :O)

Cool, I always wondered what I could do with the myriad of sleeves my drills and grinding tools come in at work. I always hated throwing them away. Now I know.

I laughed so hard I almost peed!

[which is fine, as long as you're not sitting on my lap. -ed.]

i want him to piss on me :)

I think you should rethink!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean how embarrassing is that?

Get rational. No child wants to have THAT garbage as a memento of their penis when it was short. Trust me. It will only embarrass them in the long run. Plus, it's considered a biohazard.

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