September 11, 2006

Finally A "Scoop." Quinny & Maxi-Cosi Are Coming To The US In 2007

As befits a leader of the Baby Industrial Complex, the Dorel booth here is one of the old-school, enclosed, "do you have an appointment?" variety, not the wide open, "PLEASE PLEASE look at my little invention and help me pay my second mortgage!" set up favored by the majority of exhibitors.

But inside, whoa, it was a sweet, sweet showroom of products that I didn't think I'd see for sale in the US any time soon. And I would be wrong.

Quinny is planning to launch redesigned-but-instantly recognizable Buzz and Zapp strollers some time in 2007 [which I take to mean later].

The US Zapp has four wheels--the front wheel has been split to widen the stance [and cut down on the tipping over sideways.]

The US--and soon, all--Buzzes will get a sleeker redesigned seat and some other tweaks. Looks nice.

The Maxi-Cosi line will include an infant carrier/car seat based on the French version of the Cabrio; slightly wider, slightly longer, but also very familiar. This seems like it'll be coming later in 2007 than the strollers.

What does this mean? In a sense, nothing. With launch dates 12-15 months away, the people buying these rigs might not even be having sex yet. But when they do, they can rest assured that the Baby Industrial Complex was expecting them.


What's a scoop without pictures??

They told me February for Quinny, but that might have just been the Buzz.

Scoop, schmoop! Sheri at Magic Beans posted this story almost ten hours before you. :)

[hey, it was news to me ;) and besides, according to Scott's investigative journalism, I didn't even get it right. -ed.]

My husband wrote a Quinny review last year about our experience...

ooh.we love our buzz 2006 model (we were not so happy with the 2005 that we also have). it seems the buzz gets better with each year. what's the scoop on the "some other tweaks" and redesigned seat??? please do tell.

Is it only the Buzz and Cabrio that are coming to the US? Does anybody know if the Tobi and Zapp are also getting designed for here? Since, come spring 07 I will no longer have an infant to use the infant seat and larger stroller. I hope I didnt miss the Maxi-Cosi/Quinny boat before I have to purchase these items.

[the Zapp is coming, too, with redesigned front wheels that give it a wider stance so it doesn't tip over. The Tobi, though, doesn't sound like it's making the trip. The Quinny folks talked about eventual globalization of products, though, by 2008-9, which I took to mean that the next generation of products would be global--i.e., also available in the US--but not this one. -ed.]

After almost 2 years of use, the one redesign that the Zapp needs is to make the seat slightly reclinable, but many strollers need this. This could be done easily with a zipped expansion, and would help guard against the dreaded baby neck crunk. Other than that, the vehicle is fine. Never weebles or wobbles, so I don't know why they'd add a fourth wheel to a three wheel stroller.

The Buzz simply needs a little better design on the airplugs for the tires, and other than that is holding up nicely.

The 2007 models will be in the UK ready for delivery in January.

From what I've read, there's a lot of good and bad to the Quinny lines (that single, plastic, tip-inducing wheel in the front doesn't sound so hot). I'm looking into purchasing the Cabriofix for our car, and need a reliable stroller to push it around in. Besides Bugaboo, and Quinny, are there any other strollers out there that hold the Cabriofix?


I know this is a bit off-topic, but it's sort of a follow-up from that previous comment. My wife and I have been taking you up on some of your advice and so we were wondering: which, if either, of the two Bugaboo car-seat adapters works with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix carseat (I think the Peg Perego looks like the one, but I'm not sure it's the same)? I really appreciate it.

I called the Doral Group - they are going to release Maxi-Cosi car seats in Mid May to all retailers. I think they have the same timeline for the Quinny Strollers.

I bought the Mutsy Joey Urban Rider and the CabrioFix fits in there with an adaptor.

Who did you speak to at Doral Group? I'd love to get a follow up now that it's April to see if the Quinny and Maxi-Cosi are indeed shipping in May. We are expecting in the end of July and would especially love to be able to get the Maxi-Cosi before the baby arrives.

Does this mean it is no longer illegal to use a Cabrio Fix in the US or do i need to still buy a US version for it to be legal?

ps - how would the cop know?!

[how many people have ever been asked by a cop if their car seat is legal? -ed.]

I know Quinny strollers are listed on the Maxi-Cosi site but when you click on the link it takes you to another website, just for Quinny. Which leads me to wonder why the dual face for Maxi-Cosi since in Europe there are both the Quinny and Maxi-Cosi Citi CX strollers available. How do they compare? Thanks!

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