September 10, 2006

We're No. 2! We're No. 2! USA! USA! USA!

FLASH: In a stunning upset this morning here in Las Vegas, the USA was eliminated [sic] in the first round of the Potty Training Video World Cup, a sidebar event at the ABC Kids Expo.

shimajiro_pissing.jpg shimajiros_pissing_friend.jpg

The hopes of the US Toilet Buddies, Gotago Giraffe, Poo P. Rabbit, Caca Cow, and Puddles the Puppy, were crumpled, wiped, and flushed by the Japanese duo which has dominated the competition all year, Shimajiro the Singing Tiger and Overacting Japanese Boy With Difficult Career Prospects.

View the devastating video here.

Toiletbuddies []
Previously: Japanese Toilet Training Animation-palooza; Apologies for the tiger video


As much as I would like to see my daughter give up the pull-ups and make friends with the toilet, I do not see why anyone would ever stick faces on a crapper. With the Shimajiro thing, you can just blame "cultural differences" but I just don't get the Toilet Buddies. Plus they aren't even that cute.

Naomi, Are you alive? Don't you get it? They're in 26 countries now. Pull up's are a good indication that there is something wrong with the way your raising your kid. Let the world know how old your kid is that's still not toilet training and then lets talk. The Toilet Buddies...and yes we are cute! CaCa Cow.

[easy there, tiger -ed.]

Umm, I already said I didn't get it. But telling me that I'm raising my kid wrong is DEFINITELY an interesting marketing strategy...

Yes Naomi, a bold and interesting marketing strategy to say the least. I guess that's why we're raising so much awareness around this issue. Lesson learned: never post replies while drunk in Vegas...It's great to know that moms out there are reading daddytypes. We dedicate the following video to you and P.P. "Project Pull-up". Enjoy the show:

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