September 8, 2006

High Reality TV Producer Alert In Effect For Madison Avenue Tomorrow

Love the concept of a street fair, but hate the idea of generic tube socks and having to shuffle along with of all those, you know, people [or "those people", the italics really work either way]?

Join Cookie Magazine and Divalysscious Moms
Sponsored by Lexus

Bring the kids
Enjoy an exciting morning of fun, food, music and entertainment, while Madison Avenue is open exclusively to you.

For you [ed: and by 'you,' I'm really guessing they mean 'moms,' even though Saturday mornings are technically supposed to be "dad gets the kids out of the house time" ]: For you: Fantastic special offers at participating retailers, spa
and beauty treatments,travel giveaways and the ultimate gift bag.

For the kids: Music, magicians, face painting, puppet shows, sing-a-longs,
storytelling and balloons. Special performances by the
Dirty Sock Funtime Band and Hot Peas ‘N Butter.

Saturday, September 9th, 9-11 am
Shop to benefit Baby Buggy®

Madison Avenue, 57th–86th Streets.
Check in: DKNY at 60th Street and Madison Ave.
$50 per family.

All ticket sales benefit Baby Buggy. Open to the public from 11 am until 2 pm. [ed. note: don't say we didn't warn you.]

MOMS ON MADISON [ via gawker]
Previously: Are you rich enough to join the Supernanny in creating some real high-quality TV?

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Are you really not taking the opportunity to mock a group called "Divalysscious Moms"? Really?!

[that which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet. -ed.]

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