September 7, 2006

Ausgezeichn--Eh. Mercedes CLS 4-Door Coupe Wagon


My uncle used to get a new Porsche 911 every year, which is why I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon when I was a growing up. It's also why I never could forgive someone for putting a slant-nose conversion kit on a 911: I was brainwashed into being an auto original factory equipment snob purist.

That purist tendency crops up every once in a while, usually when I see a fat, coupe-style star embedded in the aftermarket grille of a Mercedes sedan. Wrong wrong wrong.

I'm just saying this because while I'd love to see a wagon version of Mercedes' beautiful-but-more-expensive-and-less-useful CLS "4-door coupe," this car is just a CLS face transplanted onto an E-Class wagon. And as with so much plastic surgery, even if you think it looks great, it's just wrong enough to cause folks to mime "yikes!" to each other behind your back.

Mercedes CLS: And some thought it was ulgy!! [ via jalopnik]

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