September 6, 2006

With Disney Apples, Character Licensing Goes End-to-End


Cartoon characters owned by giant media conglomerates: they're not just for diapers anymore:

Among the other arrivals to the produce aisle [besides "peaches with Daisy Duck and Goofy stickers, and table grapes packaged in Mickey and Minnie Mouse boxes. Organic apples with Winnie the Pooh -- the mascot for Disney Garden organic selections"] are Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants spinach and Dora the Explorer oranges. There are also Tweety Bird grapes and Tasmanian Devil apples...
SpongeBob comes to your veggie aisle [cnn via tmn]


CNN article hardly does a good job justifying Disney stickers on veggies and fruits. Why not call it like it is: Disney begins selling produce and advertising on them while at it! Don't know what's scarier: terrorism or mega-conglomerates taking over like, everything!

I'm not sure Disney really would gain much out of "Advertising" on fruits and veggies. Kids don't touch that stuff!

Although, if it does encourage kids to take an interest in fruits or veggies, some good comes out of it, no?

(in the interest of full disclosure, I do work at a Disney-owned company)

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