September 6, 2006

Are You Rich Enough To Join The Producers Of Supernanny In Creating Some Real Quality TV?

Gee, all these posts about Mercedeses and I have to read about this in the blogs?

We are developing a new docu-drama program for a major network about Manhattan's most glamorous parents and the issues they face living in the "Capital of the World". The program will be about successful New Yorkers, how they live and how they got there. We aim to show their lifestyles to the rest of the US who have no idea how they live...

...we are looking for affluent parents who live and work in the City...families with upper six-figure incomes, have strong personalities, and have children....

...Interested people can contact us at the Supernanny hotline...or email us at, referencing manhattan moms.

Oh, I see, they just want moms. No harm no foul. About your business, then. [via gawker]

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Duh Greg, everyone knows that when kids are terrible brats, it's all Mom's fault!

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