September 5, 2006

Taba Naba: "And Have A GREAT Time!" 4,890 Times.

This YouTube clip only shows it's been watched 4,890 times, but I swear, we've watched it that many times this week. And it's only Tuesday. "Taba Naba" has consistently been the kid's most requested video clip when she wants to "watch somepin'".

It's the Wiggles, with special guest star, Christine Anu, the Erykah Badu of Australia [minus the headwrap], and a passel of adorably overeager kids doing a traditional Eastern Tourist Strait Islands sit-down hula dance.

After watching it so many times, I'm convinced the little ham in the red shirt and the eerily Katie Holmes-looking girl on the right are Greg's kids; they just project that Showbiz Children vibe. And I think the kid next to the ham later went on to be one of the Little Wiggles, so he's probably a ringer, too.

Taba Naba, The Wiggles []


Taba Naba is my favorite on the Wiggles DVD we have. I make my son listen to it over and over!

[nice way to pretend it was your idea, we all know the truth -ed.]

I think Taba is my favorite Wiggles performance. Shake Your Hips with Wags the Dog is also a favorite but not because it's such a great song, mostly because it makes me laugh. I know a guy who sprained his ankle dancing along to that one with his kid.

Watching this video, I realize I kind of have a thing for Greg Murray.
How deeply troubling.


{"the one in the yellow with the unibrow." I asked. -ed.]

It looks like Christine's kids are sitting beside her.

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