September 5, 2006

Jack & Baby Bear: The Michael & LaToya Of The Puppet World


We've only watched Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin a few times, but I had a call today, so...[click], there it was. As I watched the first few minutes with the kid, though, [who loves it, by the way] I couldn't shake this nagging familiar feeling. A quick search around and--yep, I was right: Jack and the super-annoying Baby Bear from Sesame Street are the same guy, Jack director/producer David Rudman.

And on a related note, while he looks really mild-mannered in this picture, I'm pretty sure that this guy from Zoboomafoo is actually Zefrank.


1 Comment

So what in the name of la-di-dah is wrong with Baby Bear? (Or is it Baby Beeaauh?)

[nail, head. -ed.]

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