September 5, 2006

1,400 Chinese Nannies Can't Be Wrong, or NY Magazine Has This Country By The Parenting Shorthairs

And by "this country," I mean "Connecticut."

The NY Times wades into the whole Chinese Nannies For The Children Of The Overclass thing a bit late, but don't worry, they've got a new angle: Chinese Au Pairs. See? Completely different.

Here's the money quote, though:

Au Pair in America, the 20-year-old agency that sponsored the two young women in Connecticut, had received no requests for Chinese au pairs until 2004, said Ruth Ferry, the program director.

Since then, it has had 1,400.

Hmm, I wonder what might've happened since '04, maybe around April 2005, hmm? to change things?

No wait, here's the money quote:

Ms. Lucas said her husband, Sky, a manager of a hedge fund, initiated the search because he did not want to raise culturally narcissistic, monolingual children. [emphasis added]
Hao hao, ganbei to that, Sky tongzhi.

To Give Children An Edge, Au Pairs From China [nyt]

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