September 3, 2006

Burning Van

You never know what you'll come up with when you search for photos of white minivans on flickr. I have a feeling no breeders were harmed in the Burning of this Van:

Burning Van is a micro relief organization whose mission is to mobilize the uber progressive environmental survivalist hardcore partier artist welder types to take their skills, gear, and leftover snacks to the sweltering, meltering flooded South.

We also want to share not just gear but skills and info -- we'd like to offer classes, workshops, roundtables, story time, sit-in band sessions, and so forth. Aside from staving off boredom and preventing riots, we feel confident that with even the slightest concentration of effort, compassion, and attention, we can help the survivors of Katrina tranform themselves into a formidable force for change and social justice.

Fortunately, the government stepped in to take care of everything, and the transformation's well under way. Back to the Playa, boyz!

Burning Van/Participation Station Mobile Relief Unit photoset [flickr]
The branding just doesn't stop: Burning VanGuard Katrina Mobilization []
Write on your own windows with Glass Chalk, $3.99 [amazon]

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