September 2, 2006

You Down With PGD? No "Wait & See"

The NY Times has a long article on the expanding frequency and breadth of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or P.G.D. PGD involves removing a cell from an 8-cell embryo for genetic screening. Then if it passes, that embryo is implanted using...
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Hanns Reich's Children And Their Fathers

From some Boomer on eBay:Those Of You Younger than I - Who Interpret The Past I Lived through with mere History Replication and Remnants of "News" and "Culture" Have Missed So Much........ In the Present Day When you Listen to...
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4 Teletubbies + 1 Chainsaw + Flash = 3 Telet-, Er, 2 Teletubbies

Needless to say, this Flash game, wherein the player kills Teletubbies with his choice of a chainsaw, a pistol, or a rifle, may not be appropriate for babies or young children. Also, I only sampled it with the sound off,...
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