September 1, 2006

Outraged Yet? Links From All Over

  • Over at BoingBoing, Xeni's all freaked out. You'd think she'd never seen a fully illustrated, nothing-left-out, 1971 Danish sex-ed book for preschoolers by Per Holm Knudsen before. [attention t-workers: that first link starts with an illustration from the book; the 2005 DT link does not.]
  • On Monday, UK's Channel Five aired a "documentary" on attachment parenting and elimination communication called Honey, I Suckle The Kids. Frankly, I hate it when judgmental foreigners sensationalize our Great American Traditions of birth video parties and "poo-smeared kitchen floors" for their own amusement. [via dt reader carla]


    Ewww, someone really needs to stop those EC people in the BBC documentary. All the EC people I've read about carry around a toilet for their children. Positioning them over a flower bed? Have they heard of cholera? This is the country that saw most of their population decimated by the Black Death right? Man, frickin' immunization dodgers, flower bed defecators. It's not just the right wing waging a deadly war on science.

    The EC lady was from the States - we're far to reserved for public defaecation over here! We'll queue for years to use the loo!

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