September 1, 2006

Daddy Types Advertisers Let You Pump Without Clocking Out

A virtually hands-free shoutout to the advertisers here at Daddy Types, who pump tirelessly, even on the road, to keep us all supplied with healthy, capitalistic goodness. If you've got a product, service, or message you'd like to flash in front of the Daddy Types audience, click here. And if you want to share it with even more dads and dadfans, consider advertising on Dad Ads, the dadblog network.

Meanwhile, thanks to:

  • strollers worth bragging about
  • Sparkability: better things for kids
  • Kindermusik: music and motion classes which help your child laugh and learn.

    On a completely different topic [well, it's the same, in the sense that it's consumerist propaganda], I just got the new/last batch of Daddy Type t-shirts in, including a couple in navy blue [xl only], just to see what they looked like [verdict: they look great.]

    If you're an extra large navy type, or if you've been dawdling on the edge of the t-shirt decision, now's the time to get one. I think I'm going to retire the design and start kicking around for some new ones.

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