September 1, 2006

Daddy Types Advertisers Let You Pump Without Clocking Out

A virtually hands-free shoutout to the advertisers here at Daddy Types, who pump tirelessly, even on the road, to keep us all supplied with healthy, capitalistic goodness. If you've got a product, service, or message you'd like to flash in...
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Dad's Little Hindu Deity Book Reincarnated As A Penguin

You know Little India, that cute little book of Hindu mythology book that dad/animator Sanjay Patel published last year, that I mentioned again yesterday? DT reader JJ Daddy-o clicked through, only to find that it's no longer available. [The...
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But Does He Sing 'Some Day My Prince Will Come?"

A distraught mom wrote in to the Washington Post because their 3.5-yo son is obsessed with Disney Princesses: wants to play dress up rather than go outside, even insists on a Disney Princess birthday party. "So far, my husband and...
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Daddy Types Eye On Breasts

They're important enough to get our undivided attention, so here's news from the breastfeeding front: Lactation rooms, company-supplied breast pumps, "sorry about the background noise" comments during conference calls, it's all good news for working moms who want to...
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Outraged Yet? Links From All Over

Over at BoingBoing, Xeni's all freaked out. You'd think she'd never seen a fully illustrated, nothing-left-out, 1971 Danish sex-ed book for preschoolers by Per Holm Knudsen before. [attention t-workers: that first link starts with an illustration from the book;...
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