August 31, 2006

Snakes On A Fisher-Price Plane


Huh, for some reason, the "Unofficial Snakes On A Fisher-Price Plane Little People Action Airport & Fun-Jet Set," which comes almost complete with vintage little people for all the movie characters, plus a few rubber snakes, didn't reach its reserve price, and no one bought it now for $5,000, even though "55% Go of this auctions proceeds" were slated to go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Guess my boy's gonna have to sell his Little People collection piece by piece, like everybody else.
Snakes On A Fisher-Price Plane, and airport, and Little People and stuff [ebay via goldenfiddle]


It didn't sell because the Sam J person doesn't have his token expression. You know, that "I'm going to kick your whitey butt if you don't let go of my Eggo" look.

Hey, my kid now has my fischer-price plane, sans the snakes characters. He love's it. The little pilot dude shakes his head back and forth as the plane pulls along.

There is actually a fisher price little person with african-american skin tone and a goatee - I think bald, too. I believe he was supposed to represent one of the Sesame Street characters (Gordon?) in whatever set he came in.

That would've been a sweet touch...

Me trae grandes recuerdos este avi├│n.

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