August 31, 2006

A Is For AIEEEEE! ABC's Of Onomatopoeia Poster


In case you can't tell, I'm really digging on parents who are making stuff for their kids. There's been a spate of flashcards recently, but it goes way back, like to that awesome Hindu gods primer, too, by the dad who worked at Dreamworks.

Now here are a couple of ABC posters by Queens, NY artist Deborah Grumet. First she made an ABC's of Art poster, with each letter in the style of a different artist, for her daughter's first birthday. Next up: the ABC's of Onomatopoeia, which has a nice pop art/comic book vibe to it.

Unfortunately, my favorite is the ABC's of New York, which features enough trademarked letters, the printer won't let her make them without licensing agreements in place.

All the posters are on 100lb glossy 24x36 stock, and are $20 a pop. None of the proceeds go to the Mets. [ via dt reader sara]


Pet hate - post an image that's just small enough to be unreadable, then make it click through to a version that's approximately 3% bigger. Cheers.

[totally agreed, I was just being stingy on bandwidth. the original's there now, barely more legible, but still, the principle's right. -ed.]

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