August 31, 2006

UK Child Database: The Worst Form Of Government Intrusion, Including All The Rest

Honestly, I don't know what's more whacked out over there in England: the fact that they're actually serious about starting a single massive database with details on every child in the country, which will be available for use by hundreds...
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Hipster To Parents: Please Curb Your Children

Angry hipster Ryan:Last weekend I was on my way to Riverside Skatepark when I very nearly walked right through a stream of urine being expelled from a toddler. I was walking down the sidewalk staring up at the trees when...
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1 Balloon + 1 LED = 1 Awesome Balloon Lamp

Seriously, my kid's so balloon-crazy, if I told her that with just a single LED, a coin-sized battery, a tiny plastic case, and a balloon, she could have a balloon lamp in her room, her little head would explode...
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'Flat Daddy' Cutouts For National Guard Families

Wow. I-- wow. Soldiers in Maine's National Guard who've been deployed to Iraq keep in regular, almost constant touch with their families through email, satellite phones, and even video conferencing. On top of that, their families receive life-sized photo...
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Almost-Awesome Color Puzzle From Pottery Barn Kids [?]

Wow, now I know who's been bidding against me for the vintage Creative Playthings stuff on eBay. Pottery Barn Kids has launched Learning Toys, a collection of really simple, classic-looking wooden toys designed and color-coded for age-appropriate play. There's a...
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A Is For AIEEEEE! ABC's Of Onomatopoeia Poster

In case you can't tell, I'm really digging on parents who are making stuff for their kids. There's been a spate of flashcards recently, but it goes way back, like to that awesome Hindu gods primer, too, by the...
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What's In Your Hospital Dadbag?

When we went to the hospital Sunday night before the kid was born, I actually brought my laptop--and a speakerphone. See, they had just released all 5,200 designs for the WTC Memorial competition, and I was maybe gonna be interviewing...
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Amy Sedaris Is Snow White On Sesame Street

She's no Grace Slick, and there's enough show business insider dialogue to make me wonder when Griffin Mill is going to show up, but here's Amy Sedaris playing Snow White with seven defecting dwarves on The 'Street. Part one...
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Snakes On A Fisher-Price Plane

Huh, for some reason, the "Unofficial Snakes On A Fisher-Price Plane Little People Action Airport & Fun-Jet Set," which comes almost complete with vintage little people for all the movie characters, plus a few rubber snakes, didn't reach its...
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