August 29, 2006

Crocs Rock. Not


Yeah, I know, it's pretty gutless to come out against a pervasive shoe trend only after it's reached over-saturation, and only after most of the summer has passed us by.

But let me just say now that those Crocs clogs are a blight of near-Uggs-like proportions. Sing their praises if you want, but I will not be swayed.

Crocs are online and every-freakin'-where.


Is this comment comming from someone who is on the Bugaboo bandwagon?...please.

Shhhhhh... we aren't going to tell Greg that Bugaboos are sooooo over until his kid gets her first bus pass.

Red Bugaboo's are now as plentiful in my neighborhood as dark green Subaru Outbacks.

Lol to Dan and JJ Daddy-O :O)
I was always under the impression that these shoes were the "in" thing for nurses and college students who had to bathe in public showers... I wasn't aware that they were really a "trend." But then again, what do I know, I'm from Kentucky... we don't wear shoes *wink*

Eh, they are comfy enough. I have had a pair of not-crocs for 4 years, only because they rock for farm work, like wading out into the middle of a hay field to change sprinklers. I wear them in town, but only because they are the only shoes I own that I can slip on while holding multitudes of baby gear.

I would not wear those things even if I had to walk across a bed of nails.

I would not wear those things even if I had to walk across a bed of nails.

say what you will, but they are the most comfortable things ever to have been worn on my feet, bar none. they could look like rolls of packing tape and i'd still wear them, trend or not. i was grateful to have found them late in my pregnancy when nothing else would fit on my feet, and when my back was in chaos. 8 months later, they're great for running around the neighborhood in. i will not apologize!

These things are all the rage with the youngins' in my neighborhood.

They must all have smelly feet - how can the feet breathe.? But I guess that doesn't matter, since ugly doesn't need to.

oh Gregregregregreg! Tsk, tsk... have you even tried a pair ON? They're super-comfortable and lots of people with real foot and back problems have found relief from wearing them. People (like diabetics) who usually have to spend a small fortune for a medically-necessary shoe. They're a great, flexible & roomy shoe for kids too. Maybe if you'd seen them worn at an outdoor event in Iceland you would think they were kinda funky-cute? I think in 20 years, people will be going crazy buying them up on eBay. Maybe their new Mary Jane design will sway you? (probably not) To each their own, I won't say anything bad about your Bugaboos...

As the owner of a red bug and a pair of crocs I never gave much thought to the notion that I was such a trendy person! Seriously though, I bought my crocs at 8mos pregnant when few other shoes would fit on my fluid-swelled feet (well, my sneakers fit, but I couldn't reach them to tie the laces). I thought the crocs looked beyond hideous. It boggled my mind the first day I wore them out when a passerby stopped to say how much she loved my shoes. I wondered if she was being sarcastic, like one of those catty "Niiiice Shooooes!" comments mean high school girls dish out. Apparently she was being sincere and I was on the cutting edge! Who knew?

I only wonder why the kid pairs cost the same as adult pairs... my size 13 husband and toddler size 6 daughter are both on the same price point. Hmmph.

I still love Uggs, by the way. (Then again, I'm married to the only guy in the world who doesn't like women in high heels. And it's not even a height thing- he's a good foot taller than me.)

I own 'em.

Shockingly enough...the feet do breath and therefore do not smell.

Thank you Greg. I totally agree, after spending all summer seeing my wife and daughters running around in those nasty rubber wraps. I hope they go the way of Uggs and disappear as rapidly as they appeared. I look forward to a Croc&Ugg-free winter.

Oh, how I love my Crocs! They are by far the best beach shoes I've ever worn. They're wide enough that you don't sink in the sand. The holes allow sand/water to enter and exit freely. Best of all? It's like walking on giant marshmallow Peeps!

lol, medical waivers are fine, and Lord knows, pregnant people can get away with anything around here.

But it's been 20 years, and I don't see people snapping up Jellies on eBay...

Personally, I'm happy to blame Uggs, which really lowered the bar on fugly footwear trends. And Baby Uggs.

whoa, whoa, whoa. let's not drag Uggs into the mud here, mister. they are an ugly shoe the way chocolate is an ugly food. ie it doesnt matter, cause it feels so gooooood.

I knew they reached critical mass when I saw fake crocs at Target.

I think they look cute but I tried them on a long time ago when only Mario Batali was wearing them and just didn't find them comfortable.

["when only Mario Batali was wearing them " AHA. I see my problem with them now. they're a trend started by just a random pseudo-celebrity, not a bona fide celebrity *parent* like Debra Messing. Or that chick from Blink 182. -ed.]

Say what you will. Crocs are a dream for toddler feet. Get them wet (crazy water splash days at daycare) and they dry in a flash. Great air circulation eliminates the smelly shoe factor - and if they do become smelly, you wash 'em (and see above re: drying time). For a parent in the throes of toilet training while venturing out in public , you can hit the closest sink to wash out the inevitable 'accident pee' that pools in the shoe and reapply clean and dry shoe to happy toddler (did this, twice, while shopping last weekend) (never you mind the comments about how well toilet training isn't going at our house). Also, they are lighter than air, allowing toddlers and preschoolers to run like the wind (whether you think this is a pro or a con is debatable but I have seen fewer skinned knees since switching footware).

They're just ugly and you know the vast majority of those wearing them are not doing so because their backs hurt (although many here at daddytpyes may be, since we can assume a higher proportion of parents in the audience). They're wearing them because they can't believe their luck that what they believe to be "hip" has miraculously crossed paths with their ugly taste in ugly clog-type footwear.

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