August 24, 2006

Handmade Clothes By Little By Jenny: The Heirloom Tomatoes Of The Baby Industrial Complex


From the boardbooks to the toys to the wallpaper borders and animal sounds and beyond, I've always thought it was odd that we surround babies with so much farm-related content. Unless something happened this morning, the biggest environmental problem in my home state of North Carolina is run-off from industrial-scale hog farm "lagoons." And there are strangers with suitcasesful of cash knocking on my grandmother's door in Utah on an almost daily basis, asking her when she's gonna sell off all the fields so's they can plant some houses with double-height entryways.

It's probably why I haven't kicked Sesame Street to the curb yet; for all the Elmo CGI nonsense, The 'Street still contains traces of my child's world of subways and neighbors across the hall.

I mention this at all because I had meant to post about the handprinted indie clothing, textiles, and stationery [huh. maybe I DO need a stationery category] by Brooklyn-based Little By Jenny anyway, and then I saw that her new collection was inspired by her reading on "the impact of corporate farming on family and organic farms."

Sound heavy? Well, it looks awesome. She overlays beautiful, appropriated stencils and line drawings and silhouettes of farm imagery--chickens, windmills, tractors, amber waves of grain--and technology--water towers, power lines, airplane schematics onto American Apparel bodysuits and t-shirts. There are some standard combinations, but she'll also entertain your custom-matched requests. That's the beauty of handmade, I guess.

Little By Jenny baby clothes, $25. Oh, and these, too. [ via design*sponge]

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