August 24, 2006

Change The Way Your Kid Thinks About Ladybugs With This Puppet


Seriously, can you imagine the psychological imprint this puppet would leave on a kid if you went about your childcaring, diaper-changing, feeding/burping day with it on? And then reading The Grumpy Ladybug to him? Yikes.

Folkmanis Ladybug hand puppet, $14 []
Also: Woodpecker nest puppet includes dad, $18 []


I have one of those that's a cockroach. It even has a leatherish material on its wings that creates a cool cockroach type sound. If kids are anything like when I was a kid, the only people developing neurosis will be parents.

We actually have one of those in our nursery. I never thought of using it for education about ladybugs... it was always a good mutant brain sucking creature.

The cockroach sounds pretty cool but I would have imaginary scenarios of it coming to life like the clown in the movie Poltergeist...

[I'm actually imagining the kid growing up believing she was raised by bugs. Or that you better be good, or the ladybug'll come flying right for your butt. -ed.]

Oh! I have a cricket! Very pretty and green and non-threatening. I've seen the cockroach. It kind of icks me out.

Oh I had that one along with a spider and a cricket when I was a kid. I loved those puppets.

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