August 24, 2006

C Is For Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie: Jazz Alphabet Flashcards Videos

The kid's screen media consumption consists of at least 50% YouTube and other online videos. They're usually short, they're under control and on demand, and it means we watch them together. Besides, there's approximately one million better things to watch than whatever happens to be on cable at the moment we need/want a video fix.

I have a feeling this alphabetful of great Jazz performances will be on our regular playlist, even if there's no V, W, X, Y or Z at the moment.

A is for Art Tatum plays Dvorak [ via tmn]


I don't think our daughter watches TV at all (although she is watching a bunch of clips my brother in law grabbed off Japanese TV on the old computer in the bedroom right now). Youtube is great -- as you mentioned, I love being able to control it.

The only downside? When I'm busy at work on the computer, I often hear "Daddy... UN-PA-PA! UN-PA-PA!"

She's hooked on that damn pooping tiger video...

[yeah, we just had a fresh meltdown this morning over not being allowed to watch it again. EVER. -ed.]

Hah! Well, I'll allow it if it brings us that much closer to having freedom from the diaper; the kid is 19 months old and on the cusp of telling us when she's ready to go potty. If an annoying tiger helps, then so be it.

God forbid one of our Japanese relatives gives us an Anpanman DVD or something though...

[when I think of how close I came to bringing home an Anpanman hiragana foam tile floor for the kid... whoa. -ed.]

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