August 18, 2006

Daddy Types Advertisers Invite You To Their Exclusive Hamptons Beach House

A warm shoutout to the advertisers consider us all as celebrity parents, at least in the sense of wanting to see us photographed using their products. If you would like to reach Us People In Style, consider advertising on Daddy Types. And to reach even more dads, advertise on Dad Ads, the dadblog network. Thanks to:

  • Children's Market, your one-stop retail industry guide AND children's shop. That's what makes it one-stop, see...
  • Sparkability, offering better design and things for kids, like that suh-weet Micralite stroller, for example.
  •, the online stroller super-store, with models for triathletes, sofabound slugs, and everyone in between.

    Although the Children's Market ad is gone now, can I just mention how it warmed my heart to see three ads with strollers in them this week? It just made me so proud [sniff]. I gotta go.

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