August 17, 2006

Chopstick Kids For Kids With Chopsticks


The chopstick solution search continues. DT reader Deanne suggested these rubbery circus people who use chopsticks as stilts. I'd seen them on Daddy*Drama a while back, too, If you order over $100 worth of these Chopstick Kids from Modern Tots, you get free shipping! At $6 a pop, that means 17 Kids. Good luck with that. [moderntots via dt reader deanne]

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Our 2 year old has a set of the Combi Successories Training Chop Sticks and can use them surprisingly well (we got them as a laugh, and were shocked when he could actually use them). They really are user/toddler friendly - he can even put them in his own hand correctly. I think they sell them at Baby Universe.

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