August 16, 2006

NEWS FLASH: No One Goes To Metreon, Not Even Movie-Desperate Parents

When DT reader and SF Chronicle reporter Mike Adamick took his 4-mo daughter to Reel Moms at Metreon [an Entertainment Retail Experience that's basically devolved into a lame mall with a multiplex,] he and the other dad in attendance inadvertently proved that even in our country's most progressive communities, dads are often defaulted out of the loop. You say you want a revolution? Then make sure everyone's on the cc list. The movie, by the way, was Monster House:

I asked Toddler Guy where all the parents were.

"They revolted," he said.

"I'm sorry?"

"They didn't want to see this movie. They wanted to watch the 'Devil Wears Prada' instead," he told me.

A Coup at the Movies: Metreon 'Reel Moms' Revolt [the poop at]


Titles such as "Reel Moms" and our local "Mommy and Me" for stay-at-home parent activities are just further evidence (as you mentioned) that dads are, indeed, thought of as secondary.

Choosy dads choose non-sexist advertising!

Baby Brigade across the bay in Oakland's Parkway Theater is a bit more Dad friendly....maybe it has something to do with the fact that they serve beer and pizza and buffalo wings at the theater. Did I mention they serve beer?

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