August 16, 2006

"My Baby Looks Like..." Series At The Poop

The Poop: the SF Chronicle's new parenting blog. Let's stare a little bit longer into the metaphorical toilet bowl that is, shall we? Not because we want to see how long corn takes to go through the blogging system [Tim Kazurinsky, where are you now?], just out of fascination. Though I'm sure those hippies eat a lot of roughage...

One breakthrough feature of The Poop is their "My Baby Looks Like..." series. In any other publication, this'd be called "Separated at Birth," but since half the subjects here were just born, well, it doesn't really work.

So here's my question: if you're a new parent, a "staunch Democrat" living in the "most progressive metropolitan area in the nation," and your kid Tenzin is named after His Holiness Himself, The Dalai Lama, how does your belief in karma help you deal with the fact that your kid looks like George W. Bush?

My Baby Looks Like ... George W. Bush [the poop]


Hey, you're ragging on my home town paper there... that i dont really read... but still. You know, we aren't ALL hippies. Some of us shower, even if we do make a living animating movies for communists.

I've seen stuff like this before, and the parents are smoking something, because in the pictures, that babies don't look anything like whom the parents claim.

It is almost as bad as the "separated at birth" thing on's Page 2 (are you reading this Dan Shanoff??)

[please confine your interoffice rivalries to Bristol, baby. -ed.]

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