August 15, 2006

Slightly Tangential Links Roundup

  • Live by the Us Weekly, Die by the Us Weekly: For all the people patterning their family life after Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson: sorry, but you'll need to separate now and fob the kid off on a series of Guatemalan nannies. [via everywhere do you really need a link?]
  • Remember Lubbock architect/Donald Judd scholar Upe Flueckiger? He built that modernist house for just $51/sf? He gets the interview treatment in MocoLoco today, but alas, makes no mention of his 3-yo son's Ikea rocking moose.
  • Writer/dad/blogger Neal Pollack is a big draw for the relaunch of Cracked magazine [abcnews via boingboing]
  • And finally, what do you get when you add one (1) press release about Disney's newly licensed high-end childrenswear, one (1) quote from a "mompreneur" and 5W Public Relations client, and one (1) surf across Janie & Jack's website? A puff piece? Sorry. The correct answer is "an incisive look into contemporary parenting disguised as a puff piece." [ via dt reader noisette's maman]

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