August 11, 2006

Like-A-BMW: BMW KidsBike Has Pedals, Too


Very interesting. Seems the folks in Munich are as susceptible as the rest of the country to popularity of Like-A-Bike-like walking bikes for little kids. But the new Kids' BMW Bike adds a twist--or a crank: you can attach a pedal-gear module that converts the rig to an actual bike.


This extends the usable life of the rig so long, your 6-year-old can get grief from her little friends for still riding a baby bike. And from there, it's only a couple of years before they ask her why her daddy only bought her the 325 Ci Coupe, not the M3 Convertible.

Kids' BMW Bike, $300 $325-360 [ via dt reader ed]

1 Comment

Does anyone know if this is aluminium, like-a-bike style?

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