August 10, 2006

Baby Rock Records: Personally, I Fall Asleep Listening To The Original Radiohead

babyrock_nirvana.gif babyrock_nirvana.gif

Baby Rock Records is a new label launching like, tomorrow, which puts out lullaby covers of rock favorites, alt, indie, heavy metal, and otherwise. It's a lot of glockenspiel, vibraphone, and mellotron [for years, nothing, then suddenly mellotrons everywhere. what gives?], and for the diehard fan, hearing delicate, instrumental renderings of Queens of The Stone Age might make your head explode.

But until your kid is able to fall asleep listening to the real thing--Radiohead and Coldplay both work their lullaby magic on me as-is, frankly--these albums may be just the ticket. [DT reader Dave has previewed the Radiohead album and says it is actually "really great."] Also coming down the pike in the next few months: Bjork [again, redundant], Led Zep, Metallica, Nirvana, No Doubt, Pink Floyd [ditto], Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Tool, and The Pixies. There's also a special assortment for the grandparents: The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Eagles.

Baby Rock is the lullaby subsidiary of CMH Records, which started out releasing original Blues recordings and moved into cover/tribute versions of rock in almost 31 flavors, including blues, jazz-soul Hammond organ, string quartet, and lounge. So years of experience in the cover version industry, I guess. That's something to look for.

UPDATE: Of course, if you can't wait, Punk Rock Baby has been producing these already for at least two years. As blogged about, um, here in 2004.

Baby Rock Records hit the market starting Aug. 29. []


Christopher O'Riley, host of "From The Top", recorded "True Love Waits", a selection of Radiohead songs for the piano that also works great as lullaby melodies.

are these the same people who made the Grunge Lite album back in the day?

There's a version of "Paranoid Android" done by the UMASS Front Percussion Ensemble that is awesome. (here).
It has defnite lullaby-like qualities.

Man, i never understood cover and tribute albums. Why have they gotta take a Metallica song and make it sound like Nina Nastasia when there's already actual Nina Nastasia songs?

Um, we just keep the Radiohead and Coldplay albums in her CD rack next to the Mozart, Handel, and Tchaichovsky. She also likes Jack Johnson, Moby, Led Zepplin, and Portishead. We prefer the real thing to lullaby versions and/or baby einstein crapola.

I know the guy who makes these. He's pretty nuts and a super metal head. But he puts a lot of care and effort into the albums and they're worth the listen for sure.


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