August 8, 2006

Researcher: Not Me, But Other New Dads Feel Depressed

Researchers at Eastern Virginia Medical School found that becoming a parent increased the incidence of depression for both men and women. 14% of new mothers showed signs of depression, compared to 9-10% of gen pop [Ah, Oz. Gone, but not forgotten.]. The numbers for new dads were 10%, compared to 3-5% in the general population. [Q. Isn't that the kind of statistic that leads to headlines like, "New Dads 2-3x More Likely To Be Depressed"?]

Of course, as DT reader LG points out, the pediatrics expert/dad who comments on the findings also points out that, though he knows some depressed guys, he's just fine. Not depressed, nope.

EVMS study says postpartum depression affects fathers, too []


This makes a lot of sense, really, since fathers are so much more involved in parenting these days. They get the empathetic pregnancy symptoms and then the baby blues afterward... although it might be compounded by the new mom's total lack of interest in him, too...

thanks for your solid reporting and witty quips. keep it up!

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