August 7, 2006

News From Inside The Bubble:

bubblenewyork_logo.jpgTami from Ismodern mentioned Bubble New York to me a couple of months back, and I definitely wanted to check it out. It's a--hold on--a cool trade show, as if such a thing were possible. Bubble launched in the Spring as a trade show for modern, independent, and leading edge design for kids. It's mostly clothes, and it features a lot of small, high-end European brands that wouldn't be so hard to get if a few more baby boutiques in the US started carrying them...

I decided to go because there were a whole slew of companies participating that had already been mentioned on DT before, so I was pretty sure I'd see more great stuff. The DT/Bubble overlap so far:

  • Ismodern, California-inspired girl's clothes, mostly
  • Like-a-Bike, the German rig that started a pedal-less revolution
  • ducduc, who's featuring their new crib linens.
  • Album di Famiglia, possibly the awesomest minimalist baby clothes around.

    And other gear we'd already bought or got:

  • Caramel [from the UK]
  • Max et Lola [from Belgium]
  • Lucky Wang [from downtown somewhere]

    Which is just a way of saying 1) sorry I haven't posted today, but 2) I'm going to rattle off a host of great finds from Bubble now.

    Bubble New York []

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