August 4, 2006

New Study: Breast Is Best For Getting Divorced

What a long-term study of the emotional maturity and resilience of breastfed children says: by the time they were 10, kids born in 1970 who were breastfed dealt with their parents divorces 5x better than bottle-fed kids.

What a new parent hears:
If you don't breastfeed, you'll get divorced, and your kid'll grow up to be a nerdy little mental case with no friends.

Breastfeeding lowers anxiety, says study
[guardian, via dt reader joan]
Nice all-purpose, breastfeeding-pressure-inducing, press release title: "Breastfed babies cope better with" []


I hope I'm not stripped of my lactivist credentials for this but exactly how does one determine that (as it states in the article) a breastfed baby is, in the event of a divorce, "10% less stressed than a bottlefed baby". The meter that came with my kid has never worked right.

[on principle and in concept, I totally agree. Obviously, unless we live in some determinist universe created by a giant breastgoddess, there can be at best an indicator-type connection between these things. In practice, what they did was ask teachers to rate the kids' anxiety levels. -ed.]

My guess would be # of visits to their therapist.

Where is this "giant breastgoddess" universe, and how do I get there?

[you could ask the high priestess...-ed.]

How about bottle fed breast milk? Maybe they deal with it 2 1/2 times better than formula kids?

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