August 3, 2006

Walking Wings: Here Come The Reins Again

walking_wings.jpg + hammer_throw_thumb.jpeg = ?

"Walking Wings is a first of its kind product that will revolutionize the way babies learn to walk."

Now, I don't want to be a noodge, and I am certainly the first to encourage innovative parent companies to storm the ramparts of the Baby Industrial Complex. But I would encourage parent entrepreneurs to market their products on the basis of quality, functionality, performance, security, developmental benefits, features, convenience, anything you want.

But if you're going to claim to be the first with something, well, that's just like begging for a factcheck smackdown. So ask yourself as you're crafting your pitch: would you rather be first? Or be best? Or could you really care less about either, because you've got a distribution deal with Babies R Us?

You know what'd catch my attention with these rein/harness things, is a picture of an Olympic hammer thrower demonstrating just how strong and safe those straps are.

Launched in Feb. 2006, Walking Wings, the Learning to walk assistant, are $24.99 and are available at Babies R Us [, thanks dt reader ponch]
Launched before Oct. 2005, The Walk-O-Long is similar to the, um, well, the reins in Spain, frankly [daddytypes]


It's amazing my daughter learned to walk on her own! (well, okay, the couch and the coffee table helped)

Any one else just put the kid in the snugli and let the straps all the way down like we did and let them "walk" around the house like a marionette?

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