August 3, 2006

More News From The Coming Apocalypse: The Elmo's World Movie

How do you know if the journalism career isn't working out? When you interview Elmo for TV Guide and he comes off sounding like the sane one.

Still, Elmo throws the guy a bone, telling him when the world might end: You and Vanessa [Williams] were in a major motion picture together, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland [from 1999]. What's it like working with a pop diva and movie star?
Elmo: Elmo loves being around her. She's so pretty, and she gives Elmo great big hugs. Is it true that Oscar the Grouch screened Grouchland at his Can Film Festival?
Elmo: Ha! Ha! There's no such thing. Just being silly again. Any hope there will be a sequel, like "Elmo in Grouchland: The Final Reckoning?"
Elmo: No, but there may be an Elmo's World movie. That would be fun.

Sesame Street's Elmo Celebrates July 4 []

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