August 2, 2006

Does Anyone Know The Dimensions Of A Maxi-Cosi Cabrio?

maxi-cosi_cabrio_dimensions.jpgDT reader Tina's wondering about sticking that badboy in a suitcase. I'm thinking that, unless it's one of those giant, going-home-to-New-Delhi-style mega-suitcases, it's highly unlikely.

But our Cabrio is in the storage unit, so there's no way to measure it. If anyone has a tape measure and a couple of quiet minutes, maybe you could put the Cabrio face down, and get some quick measures of the length, width, and height [to the highest point]?

You'll be contributing to the world's vast stores of knowledge--which turn out to be pretty empty when it comes to Maxi-Cosi technical specs, surprise surprise. Thanks in advance.

update: And the answer is, according to Richard of Petra-fied, 30" long, 19" wide, 14" deep. Or in metric, that's "pretty damn big to be fittin' into a suitcase."


30" long, 19" wide, 14" deep.

[sweet, thanks. -ed.]

I would gladly tell you but mine that I order from some German web site a month ago hasn't arrived yet...on the other hand, our fancy shmancy Leander Cot Bed showed up from Denmark via an English store in about 5 days....and boy is it cool!

To pack that would take one of those steamer trunks like Joe vs. The Volcano.

Thank you! I think I'll go ahead and order it although I doubt it'll fit in a suitcase. Any Vancouverites (BC)out there with a M-C?

1 in Vancouver with a Cabrio (and a Tobi in storage for when she's big enough) here.

Why not just use one of these puppies?

I should point out that I don't own that particular "car seat travel carrier" -- I just meant "why not one of this ilk?". Good luck traveling!

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